Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Ramadan? Is that what you say?

In the midst of the controversy in the US over the burning of the Quran and the building of a mosque at the site of the 911 tragedy, we have been enjoying the Ramadan holiday with the Muslims.  No, I am not Muslim or even personally know anyone who is, at least to my knowledge.  But we do raise lamb, and this year we had a very nice group of ram lambs that were in high demand.  Ramadan, which lasts one month and ends today, is a time for self-reflection and sharing with others. Ramadan is also marked by fasting from sunup to sundown, and meals that include sheep and goat meat, preferably from male animals that are in the form God created them.  That is, intact rams. Ours had the added bonus of long tails and they were very clean from being on pasture all spring and summer. And they were organic.  Today I received a cheque for the last group that went to Vancouver - we could have sold that truckload three times, there was so much demand.  Over the past month we took one load each week by ferry to the Fraser Valley Auction in Langley.  I believe they were appreciated very much, and so I say Happy Ramadan to our Muslim friends and customers.

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