Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Free Camping in the Gulf Islands (?!)

A website for camping enthusiasts may give a boost to tourism this summer, but one that may be unexpected for most Gulf Island property owners. The site “Northern Bushcraft” describes how to camp for free in the Gulf Islands – yes, free. Free-camping is the semi-underground activity of pitching your tent outside of a designated camping area - on a beach, in a forest, up a mountain, or anywhere that you are unlikely to be bothered or bother anyone else. This guide relates some of the lessons I've learned over the years while solo free-camping on the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, for several weeks or months at a time with only my backpack, tent, and a minimal amount of gear. Most of this advice is suited for anyone interested in backpacking and tenting.
Hornby Island, Galiano Island and Saturna Island are listed as the best for free-camping. Hornby Island has “free-spirits and party-goers” with great beaches, Galiano has many forest trails, free internet and good beaches, and Saturna is friendly with a lot of National Park Reserve land to explore.
Hmmmm - what would they think about some rams patrolling the fence line?

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