Monday, January 3, 2011

From Cooking up a Story: Giving Thanks to Turkeys

 I know we are well past Thanksgiving or Christmas, but I found this video today that shows how turkeys should be harvested.  Like the last video with the artisan butcher, this video speaks of the respect that should be given to animals who are used for meat.  People who raise animals for meat do it because they like animals, oddly enough.  The ideal way to sell an animal that you have raised for meat, is to have the purchaser participate in the process of slaughter.  It sounds perhaps graphic and gory if you aren't used to it, but it is really true that the meal means much more to you if you understand the sacrifice that the animal has made.  I am actually getting pickier about who I will sell to, because I don't want the meat to be unappreciated.  Perhaps thanks should be given at every meal, like the good old days.

"Chef (and filmmaker) Daniel Klein recently visited LTD Farm where they were harvesting the turkeys they had raised for several Thanksgiving dinners. But they weren’t alone. Many of the eaters who had purchased one of the free range turkeys were invited to help in the process. As one participant said,
“To be able to make a conscious decision about eating meat, I think it’s important to understand the whole process, and I wanted to be able to engage in that discussion more than just a theoretical way.”
As you will see in the video, reverence was given to each turkey as it was selected, butchered, and plucked. It is graphic, but also very educational. As a meat eater, I believe it is important to remember that what you are eating on your plate was once a living thing and be grateful and mindful of the nourishment it is giving you. On this Thanksgiving, consider giving thanks to (your) turkey, too."

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