Sunday, January 2, 2011

Year in Review

    We are starting the year here in the Gulf Islands with excellent clear, sunny and cold weather, and I plan to spend the afternoon outside tidying up the farm and checking animals before the chores need to be done.  Part of tidying up means sorting paper and computer files, so I am taking a bit of time to do this while I warm up.
    I started this blog in May of 2010, mostly as a way to post my columns "The Farmer's Stand" for The Islands Independent newspaper.  Part of the blog are items of interest that I have found regarding farming and farm issues.  There are so many things changing these days, and food is of more interest to many people.  This puts added pressure on farmers, who are declining in numbers but not in importance.  I don't have a crystal ball for 2011, so it is probably safe to say we will see more of the same, with some unexpected changes thrown in.:)
    Since May, this blog has been viewed over 4,500 times - about half of those viewings from Canada, with the balance from the US, UK, Germany, Russia, Australia, Netherlands, Slovenia, Israel, China, New Zealand, France, Denmark, Italy, India, Georgia, Ireland, Czech Republic, Phillipines, Hungary, Sweden, Spain, Japan, Poland, Barbados, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, Mali, Croata, South Africa and many other countries.
     Last month there were close to 1000 views, and almost 50 today alone!  The internet world gives us the opportunity to share our perspectives with others and gives others in the same boat some reinforcement and encouragement.
Best wishes in 2011 to all in our global island, from me on Pender Island.

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