Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Allen Oberg on the wheat and barley plebiscite


  1. Allen Oberg continues to waste farmer's money and in particular my money to fight the inevitable. If he was really interested in helping farmers, he would be working with the government to set up a voluntary pooling system. Instead, he is too busy grandstanding and throwing away my money on advertisements in Eastern Canada (not Western Canada where the CWB exists).

  2. I am truly disappointed that someone that has an opinion can take my tax money for an agenda and continue to cry the blues. If the CWB would have been such a great idea, it would never have been a discussion. I am not a farmer and can not understand how someone like this says he's standing up for Canadians. He does NOT stand up for me. If he wants to have government continue to guarantee him a paycheck, he should either move to Quebec, Manitoba or the USA so the USA President can look after him and the other millions that love free money