Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Farmer's Toast - for Earl Hastings

As many of us were working to bring in the hay before the threatened rain showers, a local long time fellow farmer and man of many skills, Earl Hastings, passed away. Earl was a very special man to Pender Islanders. He was known for the cattle and hay fields near the Driftwood Center, and also known for his airstrip that would welcome flyers from all over to our island. For several years the small field next to the airstrip was home to our community fall fair and the field across from the Driftwood was the parking lot for the fair. He was an avid gardener as well, and had many friends and admirers. Warmest thoughts especially go to his family who will dearly miss him. His was a long life lived well.

The Farmer's Toast – For Earl

"Let the wealthy and great
Roll in splendour and state.
I envy them not I declare it.
I eat my own lamb
My own chickens and ham.
I shear my own fleece and I wear it.
I have lawns I have bowers
I have fruits I have flowers.
The lark is my morning alarmer:
So my jolly boys now
Here's God speed the plough.
Long life and success to the farmer."

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  1. Thank you for your post. He was also a very special grandpa and I will always cherish my many memories of my time spent with him on Pender and haying the airstrip as a young girl. Cheers Grandpa!

    Shantel Hastings Hume