Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is Spring Here Yet?

It has been a cold, wet spring and you really notice it if you are outside every day.  According to Environment Canada's Saturna Island weather station, April was the coldest and wettest in the last ten years.  We were lambing at the time and relying on grass to get the ewes a good start with their lambs.  Grass growth was a bit slower because of the weather, but our drained fields did a bit better.  We kept feeding hay with some grain until the ewes weren't interested anymore.  They really prefer grass.  We have almost finished lambing but had a great crop of lambs - the most sets of triplets ever with five.

This morning I was up early to check everyone before the eagles and ravens get to the newborns.  Talk about loud!!  Geese honking, turkeys gobbling, lambs calling to moms, moms calling to baby lambs, birds chattering and chirping.  It was cool, but calm and clear and looks like it is going to be a fine day.

Speaking of geese, the golf course on Pender was sprinkled with pairs of geese at 5:30 this morning. The course is at the end of the valley, down the road from the farm. Once the golf course crew arrive, the geese will disperse and end up on our fields, competing with the sheep for grass.

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