Thursday, May 26, 2011


National Post: Trapper kills Bowen Island wolf-dog

  May 26, 2011 – 2:37 PM ET
This morning, the Bowen Island wolf hybrid was killed by a hired trapper at 6:30 am local time.
Since arriving on the B.C. island last December, the elusive animal has killed dozens of cats, dogs, sheep, geese and left Bowen Island forests strewn with deer carcasses.
“We’re relieved,” said Chris Buchanan, the island’s bylaw services supervisor.
Attempts to trap or tranquilize the animal had failed, prompting Bowen Island officials to hire a professional trapper from the Lower Mainland.
The trapper arrived on the island at 11:30 on Wednesday, and quickly took up position at a sheep farm where the animal has previously struck. At 6:30, he sighted the animal and killed it with a single shot to the head. Residents in a nearby house did not even hear the shot.
The animal’s body was removed from the island by the trapper and will be disposed of by incineration.
The municipality has refused to release the trapper’s name, saying he wishes to remain anonymous. “People in his industry aren’t the Oprahs of the world, shall we say,” said Mr. Buchanan."
published in the National Post, written by Tristin Hopper

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  1. The old school way of doing things is sometimes the only way to do things.